Recruitment and Orientation Procedure For The Project  

staff-meeting-3A recruitment procedure has been processed to interview and select qualified team to implement the activities of the project during October 2016 as the project needed a huge number of employees as follows:

Project management unit:

o          1 Field project coordinator

o          2 Field project assistants

o          2 Data entry

o          12 Local facilitators

o          6 Psycho-social specialists

o          2 Pharmacists

o          1 Nutritionist

o          2 Lab tech

o          1 Dentist

o          1 Medical Consultant

o          1 Pediatrician

o          1 Female Physician

o          1 Internist physician

o          1 Health educator

o          1 Health worker

o          4 Nurses

o          1 Receptionist

o          1 Driver

o          1 Cleaner

On 28th of October 2016, an orientation day was held by the Project Coordinator and the Medical Consultant to present the project and its activities to the new staff and to explain the different elements and the nature of the intervention during the whole period of the project.


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