Integrated Health Care and Protection Services for the vulnerable groups in Gaza

On the 1st of October 2016 Caritas Jerusalem launched one of its comprehensive projects in the Gaza strip targeting the five governorates of Deir Elbalah, North Gaza, Gaza, Rafah and Khan Younis.

This integrated, multifaceted approach towards the issues faced by the most vulnerable in the Gaza Strip will provide quality primary health care services, psycho-social and protection support with special attention given to children, women and people with disabilities.

Children who reside in refugee camps are more anaemic than their counterparts who live in urban areas; Caritas Jerusalem will provide fortified milk and treatment to these children.

Pregnant women and the newborn that live in marginalized areas such as Al Sawarha, Al Mawasi and Shokat will be provided with antenatal, postnatal care and child healthcare; these areas are far from government and UNRWA services and are mostly neglected and underserved.

In addition, we will provide patients with non-communicable diseases with antihypertensive and anti-diabetic drugs and assistive devices to patients with disabilities.

Finally, the project will provide protection support for the community leaders and much needed psychosocial assistance to women and children integrated with training for child and women rights issues.

All these interventions will be carried out by raising the capacity of the medical team and the centre through targeted trainings, improved equipment for the Care Centre and mobile units and the renovation of the Centre.

This project is funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation implemented by Caritas Jerusalem in cooperation with Caritas Belgium.


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