Selecting Malnourished Children for Treatment

pic2.jpgSelecting the malnourished children at the Beach Camp has continued during November 2016 with the support of the CBOs and based according to the eligibility criteria. The selection procedure was conducted through the support of the project management, the field facilitators, and Caritas’ medical staff to cover the first phase dated between 15 October 2016 and 15 January 2017.

The eligibility criteria were determined by the medical team and consultants and based on the International Standards (IMCI protocols of World Health Organization).
Children were selected according to:
• Children who are anemic.
• Underweight, wasted and/or stunted children.
• Families with no or very limited income.

During November 2016, 423 children were screened and 205 children were accepted for treatment according to the criteria. The treatment has started by providing the appropriate supplements.

On the other hand, the project started to provide awareness sessions about health and nutrition education for the caregivers of the malnourished children by an experienced nutritionist. It focused on the importance of properly feeding the children and caring for their health. It also included information about:

– A balanced diet for a young child aged between 6 month and 3 years
– How to introduce new food items gradually and in small portions.
– Liquids appropriate for a child’s diet.
– How to increase a child’s calorie intake for underweight children.
– How to balance a healthy diet with high calorie foods.
– The importance of breastfeeding.

The aim of this project is to reach 800 malnourished children by the end of the project’s implementation period.



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