Maternal Health and Education Services (Antenatal and Postnatal Care)


DSC_0707.JPGDuring November, the Caritas medical outreach team consisted of an NCD Doctor, Gynaecologist, General Physician, and several nurses, screened and checked nearly a 100 pregnant women at the three local CBO’s: Mawasi, Shoka and Sawarha; with the support of the local facilitators who have been arranging for all the logistics in each locality which the medical team visited twice a week.

All the pregnant women at the different localities were checked-up through the ultrasound machine with the presence of the doctors, to diagnose the unborn baby and evaluate their health. Also, records were opened for each pregnant woman with a regular schedule for continuous check-ups.

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Creating a better future and reaching out to the vulnerable groups


During November, the six professional psychosocial specialists conducted several psychosocial support sessions in the 11 local CBO’s, with the support of the local facilitators who have been arranging for all the logistics needed.

The psychosocial support sessions for the children were applied according to the international standards protocol for children, in which each child within the group will at the end of the project receive 18 psychosocial sessions for a period of nine weeks. Each week there will be two psychosocial session groups for children, having 25 children in each group, and it will be held twice per week.

The psychosocial specialists concentrated during the sessions:

  • To improve the physiological status of the children.
  • To help the children to recover from any psychological crisis.
  • To spread the spirit of tolerance among children.
  • To provide a safe environment for the children to play and to express themselves.
  • To develop the children’s self-steam.

In November a total of 118 sessions were conducted at the different local CBO’s and the total number of children reached during November were 457 children.

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