Maternal Health and Education Services (Antenatal and Postnatal Care)


DSC_0707.JPGDuring November, the Caritas medical outreach team consisted of an NCD Doctor, Gynaecologist, General Physician, and several nurses, screened and checked nearly a 100 pregnant women at the three local CBO’s: Mawasi, Shoka and Sawarha; with the support of the local facilitators who have been arranging for all the logistics in each locality which the medical team visited twice a week.

All the pregnant women at the different localities were checked-up through the ultrasound machine with the presence of the doctors, to diagnose the unborn baby and evaluate their health. Also, records were opened for each pregnant woman with a regular schedule for continuous check-ups.

Furthermore, the Nutritionist visited each area once per week to conduct six awareness sessions for 46 pregnant women as a follow-up on Maternal Health Care and nutritional education.

The nutritionist focused on several subjects such as:

  • Micronutrients and Macronutrients need during pregnancy to support mother and baby.
  • Recommended daily servings concerning food items.
  • Examples of daily sources of calcium, iron, folate & Vitamin C.
  • Other nutritional Concerns.



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