Sick Children Medical Care and Nutrition Education

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In December 2016, Caritas medical outreach team continued working in the three local CBOs at Mawasi, Shokeh, and Sawarha. The medical team provided services and medicine to 246 sick children aged between 0-12 years old.

The children’s parents were informed about the service through the local facilitators who informed the community about the project services in the intervention areas and invited people to come with their children to the clinic for screening and treatment.

The medical team visited each area eight times during the month to provide outreach services.

The children were checked thoroughly including the basic height and weight measurements. Children under normal growth curves were provided with more laboratory investigations to diagnose malnourished, anemic, underweight, wasting or stunting and then a patient file was opened for each child to follow up with his/her case.

The children were then referred to one of our physicians who check the child for basic illness providing antibiotics for infections, paracetamol for feverish child, anti-parasitic drugs for intestinal parasites. Children with diarrheal disorders were provided with ORS.

The medical team prescribed the suitable medicines. The pharmacist dispensed the appropriate medicines and instructed the parents on how to properly use it.

In addition to the medical services, Caritas is providing nutrition awareness sessions to the parents of sick children. The sessions were conducted by Caritas nutritionist who visited each intervention area four  times a month. The nutritionist conducted nine sessions in all areas for parents targeting 175 beneficiaries during December.

The nutritionist focused on:

  • Definition of healthy and balanced diets.
  • The nutritional pyramid and its different elements.
  • Common winter illness and how to prevent it.
  • Nutrition that enhance children’s immune system.
  • Common misconceptions about children illness and the correct alternatives.
  • The importance of vitamins and iron for children, and how to include them in children’s diet.

Each session lasted for one hour and at the end of the session.

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