Provision of assistive devices to people with disabilities

ديما غباين - كاريتاس 2017 (1).JPG


During January, Caritas Jerusalem through their partner Artificial Limbs and Polio Center in Gaza (ALPC) continued providing disabled children from poor family backgrounds who are suffering from various disabilities with the assistive devices needed.

The ALPC worked with 14 cases of children with disabilities, and followed up with 10 cases for a total of 24 cases.


The cases as follows:

  • 8 cases of Genu Varum.
  • 3 cases of hip dislocation.
  • 13 cases of leg deformities.

The children are referred to the center from all over the Gaza strip since the ALPC is the only center in the area that provides this service.

Prior to their admission, each child is examined by the ALPC specialized physician, and after their examination the physician determines the form of intervention, and the type of the device needed for each child. Later on the child is referred to an assistive device specialist who takes the measurements for each child.

عطية أبو درابي - كاريتاس 2017 (1).jpg

Moreover, when the child receives the device, the parents will be briefed on how to use the device correctly, and when to wear it. A regular visit is required also at the ALPC for follow up for each case.

By the end of the project, the ALPC is expected to provide assistive devices for 120 cases of disabled children (hip dislocation, Genu Varum, and leg deformities).

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