Updated Medical Intervention

yousef - malnourishedYousef is one of our beneficiaries who is healthy again. Yousef is only seven months old from Beach Camp in Gaza who lives with his parent and nine siblings. Family lives in a very difficult living situation.

Yousef was admitted to Caritas Jerusalem’s medical intervention program in early November 2016; he was under weight, stunted and wasted. His mother had normal pregnancy and delivery; at birth, he weighed 3.2kg and started breast feeding for only the first week, then sweetened water was added to his breast-feeding as mother milk became scanty and not enough. This was a major reason behind his malnourishment.  When he was 4 months old; his mother tried to support him by buying some formula milk but due to financial difficulties; she couldn’t afford it and returned to feed him with sweeten water.

When he turned 7 months old; he was screened and admitted to the program, Caritas pediatrician started nutritional rehabilitation by giving him a formula milk and corn flour every two weeks for the first four visits then every 20 days for the next two visits then once monthly for the last two visits.

Yousef suffered from motor delay as he started sitting at 10 months, and only newly he could roll over and no crawling yet. In addition, he had no signs of having any teeth yet.

This motor delay is seen also with his siblings due to lack of environmental stimulation caused due to the large family living in a small space, overwhelmed mother, poverty and malnutrition all played a role in this motor delay .

His nutritional status on admission was weight of 6kg, his length was 64.2 cm his weight for length was less than -2 Z score. His Hemoglobin blood level was 11.5 gm/dl.

When Yousef was finally discharged from the program after eight visits over a period of 137 days, his nutritional status was as the following:

Weight 8.8 kg, an increment of 2.8 kg , length 70 cm

Yousef was born weak and it hurt me, as his mother, not to be able to breast feed him properly. Our poor situation meant that Yousef’s condition would only get worse. One day, a neighbor told me about Caritas project to help malnutrition children, I took Yousef there and they admitted him into the program. I couldn’t be happier seeing my child growing and getting stronger in front of me. If it weren’t for Caritas my son would be in a very bad situation.”  Yousef’s mother telling one of our facilitators during a home visit

Medical Intervention 1 Feb 2017

During February, our medical outreach team has provided medical services and medicines in the three local CBOs “Mawasi, Shokeh, and Sawarha” covering the five categories:

  • Malnourished Children:
  1.          35 children were admitted into the program for fitting the criteria.
  2.          45 children completed their program and were discharged
  3.          The grand total is 377 beneficiaries reached since starting the project.
  • Outreach healthcare services for sick children:
  1. In Shoka area, a total of 255 children received medical care.
  2. In Sawarha, a total of 56 children received medical care.
  3. In Mawasi, a total of 100 children received medical care.
  4. Total number of children in the three areas for February: 411

  • Maternal Health -Antenatal and postnatal care:
  1.        Total number of cases at Mawasi: 19 new cases
  2.        Total number of cases at Shoka: 62 new cases.
  3.        Total number of cases at Sawarha: 14 new cases.
  4.        Total number of new cases in different locations: 95 new cases
  5.        The grand total number of women reached until the end of the reported period is: 363 cases
  • Medical treatment of NCD’s patients:
  1.        Total number of cases at Mawasi: 89 new cases.
  2.        Total number of cases at Shoka: 113 new cases.
  3.        Total number of cases at Sawarha: 69 new cases.
  4.        Total number of new cases in the different locations reached 271
  5.       The grand total number of NCD patients reached until the end of the reporting period is: 690
  • Provision of assistive devices for people with disabilities:
  1. A total of 10 new cases were admitted and received their assistive devices.
  2. The total number of beneficiaries reached by the end of reporting period is 34 cases.

 Medical Intervention 2 Feb 2017


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