Creating a brighter future

Adam 2

Adam is an 8 year old child and actually doing quite well at school. Yet, his father was a bit worried about him and contacted the Caritas local facilitator and asked if his son can join the psychosocial sessions. Adam’s father told the facilitator that he thinks his son is suffering from the effects of the last war (summer 2014).

Adam started the psychosocial sessions. The psychosocial specialist noticed that he exhibited the following traits: inwardness, withdrawal, sleep disorder and fear. At the beginning of the sessions, the psychologist also observed that the child tended to be lonely during the activities, he didn’t participate, was shy and he speaks in a low voice. The psychologist spoke with the child and tried to support him in joining the psychological sessions. The psychologist found out that the child was afraid of sleeping in his own room, so he tends to always sleep in his parents room.

The psychologist started special one to one activities with the child in order to reduce the fear such as: coping with fear, expressing feelings, belonging to the group, the secure place and Self-confidence exercises.

Adam likes drawing; it is one of his favorite hobbies. The psychologist used drawing as a tool to integrate Adam with the rest of the group especially group activities. According to the psychologist Adam showed a visible change after “coping with fear” session that required a group activity with other children which tackled issues related to fear and feelings such as: Self-confidence, happiness and anger. As a result, Adam became more interactive and cooperative and opened up to the rest of the group.

Adam 1

After the completion of the sessions, the child’s father returned to the center and warmly thanked the psychologist for improving his child’s life. He mentioned: “My son’s self-confidence is way much better and the fear symptoms are no longer present, Adam now sleeps in his room without any fear”.


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