Update on the Medical intervention services for vulnerable groups in Gaza Strip

April 2017 medical

Through the month of April the “Integrated Healthcare and Protection Services” project, continued their medical intervention in the 3 outreach areas of: Mawasi, Sawarha, and Shoka.

The medical services provided are in three main categories:

  • Primary health care services for sick children.
  • Antenatal health care to pregnant women.
  • Health care services to patients of NCDs (hypertension, and Diabetes)

Primary health care services for sick children:

The Caritas medical outreach team has provided services to 1462 children since the beginning of the project in October 2016.

The children attending the CBO’s are being screened and their vitals measured, if they suffer from sickness they will be referred to one of our doctors on the team.

The doctor examines the child and prescribes the proper medication. For example, providing antibiotics for infections, paracetamol for feverish child, anti-parasitic drugs for intestinal parasites, and nutritional supplements for malnourished children. Children with diarrheal disorders will be provided with ORS. Also, if the child requires further lab tests, the medical team will provide them.

The services provided for children in the outreach areas are vital since those children come from very poor families, and most of their parents are unemployed and cannot afford proper medical services for the family. In addition, the areas of intervention are marginalized and no medical service providers other than Caritas work within walking distance from most of those children’s families.

Antenatal health care to pregnant women:

Caritas medical outreach team has provided antenatal healthcare services to a total of 671 pregnant women since the beginning of the project.

All pregnant women in each locality are eligible to receive services from the project, provided that they give birth within the project period. The women are being screened on a regular basis with an ultrasound to monitor the baby growth, and after delivery, the outcome will be recorded and the mother will be provided with a layette as a token of gratitude from Caritas.

Furthermore, nutritional supplements are being provided if needed and if further lab test are required it will be provided by a professional lab technician.

Health care services to patients of NCDs (hypertension, and Diabetes):

Caritas medical outreach team has provided screening and treatment for common NCDs (hypertension, and diabetes) for residents over 40 years old of the three localities reaching 990 NCDs patients since the start of the project.

This medical service is provided in two parts: First, a team of nurses to screen the residents in the 3 outreach areas over the age of 40 to diagnose those suffering from high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels. People who test out normal will be assured by the medical team and will be given some medical advice about maintaining their good health.

After screening, patients who test out positive for hypertension and/or diabetes are being referred to our specialized internist. The doctor orders all necessary lab tests for the patients and keeps track of each case’s condition, and a suitable medication will be prescribed to each patient.

Furthermore, patients with diabetes are being provided with a free blood sugar testing device, and instructed on how to use it.

Through this service Caritas will work on spreading awareness to residents of marginalized areas about the prevention and control of NCDs.

April 2017 medical 1.jpg

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