Update on the Medical intervention services for vulnerable groups in Gaza Strip

ModifiedIn July 2017, Caritas medical outreach team continued their intervention in the 3 outreach areas and Caritas clinic in Gaza Strip. The main components of the intervention included.

 Primary health care services for sick children:

Caritas medical outreach team has provided services to 1915 children since the start of the project in October 2016.

In July, and due to the high temperature, many people prefer to spend their time on the beach swimming. Seawater in Gaza is mostly polluted but since many people cannot afford going to private swimming pools, the general population finds the only way to cool off in hot summer days by having a swim in the sea.

Swimming in the polluted seawater is causing a lot of gastro-intestine infections for children not to mention other sicknesses associated with swimming.

As part of the intervention for sick children in the areas, Caritas medical outreach team provides the necessary lab tests and checkups for the children to make sure that they are healthy. In case of an infection the doctors will prescribe a suitable treatment, also they instruct the parents to take better care of the children.

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Recovering with Love

Tareq 3Tareq is a 12 years old from Mawasi; he lives with his mother and three siblings in a small house. Tareq is one of the beneficiaries who attend the psycho-social support sessions. During the past months, his father got sick and had to stay at the hospital and as the eldest son, Tareq had to stay with his father at the hospital. The father passed away peacefully.

Tareq stopped coming to the sessions as he had to be with his family. The facilitator and the psycho-social specialist attended the funeral to support Tareq and be with him.

After the funeral the psycho-social specialist visited Tareq again and brought him some gifts. The specialist was able to convince Tareq to return to the group sessions and also decided to implement one on one session with him.

Tareq returned to the group sessions but he was still drawn away from the rest of the group. He preferred to stay alone and not participate in any activity. The specialist decided to have more individual sessions with him and allow him to enter the toys room at the CBO and play privately in order to encourage him to participate in the group sessions.

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