Update on the Medical intervention services for vulnerable groups in Gaza Strip

ModifiedIn July 2017, Caritas medical outreach team continued their intervention in the 3 outreach areas and Caritas clinic in Gaza Strip. The main components of the intervention included.

 Primary health care services for sick children:

Caritas medical outreach team has provided services to 1915 children since the start of the project in October 2016.

In July, and due to the high temperature, many people prefer to spend their time on the beach swimming. Seawater in Gaza is mostly polluted but since many people cannot afford going to private swimming pools, the general population finds the only way to cool off in hot summer days by having a swim in the sea.

Swimming in the polluted seawater is causing a lot of gastro-intestine infections for children not to mention other sicknesses associated with swimming.

As part of the intervention for sick children in the areas, Caritas medical outreach team provides the necessary lab tests and checkups for the children to make sure that they are healthy. In case of an infection the doctors will prescribe a suitable treatment, also they instruct the parents to take better care of the children.

Antenatal health care for pregnant women:

Caritas medical outreach team has provided antenatal healthcare services to a total of 1,082 pregnant women since the beginning of the project in October 2016.

During the month of July 2017, Caritas medical outreach team continued to receive more pregnant women in the intervention areas and provide the necessary antenatal care services. The facilitators with the help of the medical team distributed layettes to women who gave birth as a token of gratitude from Caritas.

By the end the month, 1,043 women have already received their baby layettes.

Health care services for patients of NCDs (hypertension, and Diabetes):

Caritas medical outreach team has provided screening and treatment for common NCDs (hypertension, and diabetes) for all residents over 40 years old of the three localities reaching 1195 NCDs patients.

During the month of July, Caritas medical outreach team continued to provide medical services and medication for NCDs patients. The doctor continues to monitor the status of each patient with the aim of controlling their condition.

Treatment of malnutrition children at Caritas clinic:

The Caritas pediatrician has provided treatment and follow up for children aged 6-36 months since October. Currently the doctor has treated a total of 800 sick children.

The doctor is gradually discharging the children after giving them the necessary treatment and milk.

Dental treatment of children at Caritas clinic:

Caritas is providing children aged 6-13 with dental treatment at the clinic in the beach camp. Many children in the area suffer from bad oral hygiene leading to infections and tooth problems. Caritas dentist screens the children at the clinic and provides the necessary dental treatment for children in need. The dentist has treated a total of 443 children.

Nutritional education and awareness sessions:

During July, the Nutritionist organized a number of sessions about different subjects targeting beneficiaries from: malnutrition children program, sick children, NCDs patient, and antenatal care pregnant women. The subjects are designed to spread awareness to the specific group about nutritional facts and practices that will improve the group’s health condition.

The nutritionist has targeted 5,113 beneficiaries as follow;

  • 2,020 persons attended sessions for sick children.
  • 1,117 pregnant women attended sessions for antenatal nutritional care.
  • 1,191 NCDs patients attended sessions for special dietary needs of NCDs.
  • 785 caretakers attended sessions for malnutrition children.



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