Update on the psycho-social support services for women and children in the marginalized areas of the Gaza Strip

Nov1.jpgIn October 2017, Caritas team implemented several visits to the eleven CBO’s to plan for the next step which is to empower the women in the targeted marginalized areas, especially for those who live in the targeted areas of intervention and are desperately in need of the psychosocial support that Caritas Jerusalem offers.

Caritas team explained and discussed the Agenda and the activities with the CBO’s to reach out to the neediest according to the criteria while respecting their privacy, culture and traditions.

The psychologist will work with four groups in each area and each group will take four sessions according to the charter which is written by Caritas consultant, taking in consideration the time of activities for each subject.

The subject of the sessions:

  • Acquaintance and Confidence building.
  • Stress Management.
  • Techniques for Dealing with Children.
  • Techniques for Dealing with Others.

In addition, the sessions will contain a chain of activities to improve women skills through “Learning by experience” methods not only the traditional narrative methods for example:

  • Relaxation activity by music in which the woman could express her feelings emotionally with the psychologist and share it with the group.
  • Painting activity in which the woman could express her fears and discuss it with the psychologist and share it with the group.
  • Psychological discharge games to keep the women active and overcome their anxieties by expressing their feelings and point of views to others.

Children Psychosocial Support:

Nov2.jpgCaritas team implemented several meetings with the 11 CBO’s and the psychologists to determine what kind of support should be given to the children in the marginalized areas.

After meetings and discussions, the Caritas team and the psychologists agreed to implement Clown- therapy with Marco (a volunteer from Italy), in the eleven areas through schools and CBOs.

Clown-therapy uses techniques such as music therapy, storytelling and other therapy tools to empower children with fun activities that help them deal with a range of negative emotions they may experience such as fear, anxiety, loneliness and boredom.




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