Updates on the psycho-social support services for women groups in the marginalized areas of Gaza Strip.

1 (3)Caritas team started the psychosocial sessions with women in four areas (Khozaa, Faraheen, Mawasi and Sawarha) in which each area included four groups and each group consisted of app. 25 women.

The psychologist started with the subjects according to the plan that was written and revised by the consultant.

The first topic was about “Acquaintance and Confidence building”:


  • Ice breaking among the participants.
  • Giving the chance for participants to express their feelings through games.

After the first session, participants were confident enough to stand in front of the group to express their ideas and feelings.

The second topic was about “Stress Management”:


  • Identify ways to manage stress and self-interest by using mp3 device for relaxing music and giving the chance to each participant to talk positively about their problems and obstacles and how she deals with them.

The third topic was about “Techniques of Dealing with Children”:


-Provide mothers with the necessary guidance to deal with the stress affecting their children.

The last topic was about “Techniques of Dealing with Others”:


  • Promote community affiliation.
  • Promote the communication skills.
  • Promote the concentration skills.

Finally, the beneficiaries were very interested in the sessions and asked for individual meetings with the psychologist to talk more about their problems and the methods to solve it.

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