Update on the psycho-social support services for women groups in the marginalized areas

In November 2017, Caritas team completed 32 psychosocial sessions with women in Khoza’a, Al Faraheen and another 16 sessions in Mawasi and Sawarha.

Goals of the conducted sessions:

  • To mark the reasons of stress and solve them.
  • To learn new methods to manage stress.
  • To provide the mothers in the groups with the necessary guidance of child care and how to deal with the effects of stress.
  • To promote community affiliation.
  • To provide beneficiaries with “Positive psychological discharge methods”.
  • To provide beneficiaries with “new methods of education for children” and explaining behavioral problems and treatment methods.


  • Improvement on the psychological state of women.
  • Treatment programs for needy women concerning behavioral problems for their children.
  • Discussing the physical behaviors of children such as finger nibbling or sucking.

“Through sessions we can speak loudly and freely about our problems, discuss it smoothly and solve it by dealing with new techniques such as music therapy”, said one of the beneficiaries and asked for more sessions.

The total number of beneficiaries reached were 277 women with 48 sessions. They were satisfied with the topics which mainly focused on stress management and ways of dealing with others.

Nov 2017