New life, pain free!

Doha is a school student who lives with her family at the Beach Camp in the Gaza Strip. Doha suffers from acute teeth problems, but the family could not possibly take her to a dentist due to financial restraints and other urgent needs.

Doha’s family heard about Caritas Jerusalem’s project from a neighbor and brought her to our Medical Center to inquire of the dental services that we provide. Her mother explained about their dire financial situation and the inability of the family in affording a proper treatment for her daughter.


After a multi and continuous checkups, the dentist decided that Doha’s case is urgent and needs to be treated immediately. After a few visits to the dentist her condition improved greatly and she was no longer in pain. The dentist also recommended her to abstain from sweets and other food that is unhealthy to the teeth and advised her to brush her teeth regularly.

A month later, the mother came back to the clinic bringing with her Doha’s report card. “Thank you Dr.” she said “I just wanted to show you how her performance at school improved after the treatment. Finally, my daughter can concentrate on her schoolwork free of pain!”


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