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Caritas Jerusalem is a humanitarian and development organization that represents the socio-pastoral services of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land. It was founded in 1967 in the aftermath of the Six Day War. Caritas Jerusalem beneficiaries number over 30,000 individuals from all religious backgrounds in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Caritas Jerusalem is a member of Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 165 Caritas organizations operating in more than 200 countries.

New life, pain free!

Doha is a school student who lives with her family at the Beach Camp in the Gaza Strip. Doha suffers from acute teeth problems, but the family could not possibly take her to a dentist due to financial restraints and other urgent needs.

Doha’s family heard about Caritas Jerusalem’s project from a neighbor and brought her to our Medical Center to inquire of the dental services that we provide. Her mother explained about their dire financial situation and the inability of the family in affording a proper treatment for her daughter.


After a multi and continuous checkups, the dentist decided that Doha’s case is urgent and needs to be treated immediately. After a few visits to the dentist her condition improved greatly and she was no longer in pain. The dentist also recommended her to abstain from sweets and other food that is unhealthy to the teeth and advised her to brush her teeth regularly.

A month later, the mother came back to the clinic bringing with her Doha’s report card. “Thank you Dr.” she said “I just wanted to show you how her performance at school improved after the treatment. Finally, my daughter can concentrate on her schoolwork free of pain!”

Update on the psycho-social support services for women groups in the marginalized areas- Gaza Strip

Jan 18

During December 2017, an average of 32 sessions have been implemented in Sawarha, Mawasi, Musadar and Maghazi.

Caritas Jerusalem in Gaza reached out to 195 women during December while during the extension period, we were able to reach out to 472 women.

Each session had particular aims that relate to the previous one. All these sessions aimed to decrease the stress thatwomen might suffer from.

These sessions discussed the following topics:

  • Acquaintance and Confidence building.
  • Stress Management.
  • Techniques of dealing with Children.
  • Techniques of dealing with Others.

The following activities were implemented during the sessions:

  • Oral and written expression activities.
  • Psychodrama (an action method, often used as a psychotherapy, in which the beneficiaries use spontaneous dramatization, role playing, and dramatic self-presentation to investigate and gain insight into their lives).
  • Narrative stories.
  • Relaxation activities for reducing stress and pressure.


Update on the psycho-social support services for women groups in the marginalized areas

In November 2017, Caritas team completed 32 psychosocial sessions with women in Khoza’a, Al Faraheen and another 16 sessions in Mawasi and Sawarha.

Goals of the conducted sessions:

  • To mark the reasons of stress and solve them.
  • To learn new methods to manage stress.
  • To provide the mothers in the groups with the necessary guidance of child care and how to deal with the effects of stress.
  • To promote community affiliation.
  • To provide beneficiaries with “Positive psychological discharge methods”.
  • To provide beneficiaries with “new methods of education for children” and explaining behavioral problems and treatment methods.


  • Improvement on the psychological state of women.
  • Treatment programs for needy women concerning behavioral problems for their children.
  • Discussing the physical behaviors of children such as finger nibbling or sucking.

“Through sessions we can speak loudly and freely about our problems, discuss it smoothly and solve it by dealing with new techniques such as music therapy”, said one of the beneficiaries and asked for more sessions.

The total number of beneficiaries reached were 277 women with 48 sessions. They were satisfied with the topics which mainly focused on stress management and ways of dealing with others.

Nov 2017


Updates on the psycho-social support services for women groups in the marginalized areas of Gaza Strip.

1 (3)Caritas team started the psychosocial sessions with women in four areas (Khozaa, Faraheen, Mawasi and Sawarha) in which each area included four groups and each group consisted of app. 25 women.

The psychologist started with the subjects according to the plan that was written and revised by the consultant.

The first topic was about “Acquaintance and Confidence building”:


  • Ice breaking among the participants.
  • Giving the chance for participants to express their feelings through games.

After the first session, participants were confident enough to stand in front of the group to express their ideas and feelings. Continue reading

Update on the psycho-social support services for women and children in the marginalized areas of the Gaza Strip

Nov1.jpgIn October 2017, Caritas team implemented several visits to the eleven CBO’s to plan for the next step which is to empower the women in the targeted marginalized areas, especially for those who live in the targeted areas of intervention and are desperately in need of the psychosocial support that Caritas Jerusalem offers.

Caritas team explained and discussed the Agenda and the activities with the CBO’s to reach out to the neediest according to the criteria while respecting their privacy, culture and traditions.

The psychologist will work with four groups in each area and each group will take four sessions according to the charter which is written by Caritas consultant, taking in consideration the time of activities for each subject.

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Update on the Medical intervention services for vulnerable groups in Gaza Strip

ModifiedIn July 2017, Caritas medical outreach team continued their intervention in the 3 outreach areas and Caritas clinic in Gaza Strip. The main components of the intervention included.

 Primary health care services for sick children:

Caritas medical outreach team has provided services to 1915 children since the start of the project in October 2016.

In July, and due to the high temperature, many people prefer to spend their time on the beach swimming. Seawater in Gaza is mostly polluted but since many people cannot afford going to private swimming pools, the general population finds the only way to cool off in hot summer days by having a swim in the sea.

Swimming in the polluted seawater is causing a lot of gastro-intestine infections for children not to mention other sicknesses associated with swimming.

As part of the intervention for sick children in the areas, Caritas medical outreach team provides the necessary lab tests and checkups for the children to make sure that they are healthy. In case of an infection the doctors will prescribe a suitable treatment, also they instruct the parents to take better care of the children.

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