The beneficiaries

No. Result Total No. of Beneficiaries
A Education and training for Caritas Jerusalem implementing team 24 PSS, medical & paramedical Caritas J. team
B Pregnant women will receive appropriate antenatal, postnatal care, and newborn layettes 1,200 pregnant women in Al Mawasi, Al Sawarha and Shoka areas – 400 in each locations (outreach)
C Malnourished children will be included in four groups and every 200 children will be followed for 3 months till their nutrition status improved (according to IMCI protocols of the WHO) so 800 children will be followed up for a total of 12 months. 800 malnourished children in refugee Beach camp (medical center)
D Children will be provided with primary

Health services according to IMCI strategy

2,100 children in Al Mawasi, Al Sawarha and Shoka

– 700 in each location (outreach)

E Children will be provided with

Dental health Education and treatment

In total 1000 children will receive preventive and dental health care =

500 kindergarten children will receive health education

500 children ages 4-16 will receive dental care treatment

F Hypertensive and diabetic


1200 hypertensive and diabetic

People in al Mawasi, Al Sawarha and Shoka

G Community leaders receive training 220 women community members receive

training about child and woman rights

H Children psychosocially supported 2,000 will receive PSS in 11 localities
I Women psychosocially supported 1,000 will receive PSS in 11 localities
J People with Disabilities (PWD) 120 children with disabilities will receive assistive devices
  Total 9664